The Asus MyPal A730 is a powerful and multi-functional Pocket PC

Asus is showing their next PDA at the CEBIT in Berlin. This new powerful handheld computer features a high-quality VGA LCD display, a 1.3 million-pixel camera, Intel 520MHz Xscale CPU and both Bluetooth and IrDA wireless connections.

The MyPal A730 is a powerful and multi-functional Pocket PC that significantly trims down carry on baggage on business trips.

More info on Asus productsThe big selling point of the PDA will of course be its VGA display, not yet seen on such small PDAs. The announcement does not yet reveal whether the A370 offers all of the features that we've seen on the Asus MyPal A716.

Asus MyPal A716 is not only a PDA, it's also a road navigator, phone, radio, digital camera and presenter in disguise through additional GPS, GPRS, FM, Camera, or VGA card CF or SD modules. It offers integrated 802.11b Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity and with a built-in SD and CF card reader, there is no need to worry about how to store data while using certain function at the same time.

Additional Information: More info on Asus products

March 24, 2004

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