Archos launches the TV+ WiFi digital video recorder

The Archos TV+ is a WiFi digital video recorder that provides easy access to content, and the most features of any DVR today. The box combines a WiFi Media Player with a high-capacity DVR for showing movies, music, photos, podcasts, Web video, the full Internet and more right on a widescreen TV. With up to 250GB of capacity on its hard drive, you can transfer your photos from a PC or most mass storage devices via the USB 2.0 high speed interface; store and view thousands of photos or slideshows with music and transition effects...


Check-out the Archos TV+ features and specificationsYour TV
- Record your favorite TV shows or series directly on your ARCHOS TV+
- Easy programming with the TV Program Guide
- Record from most any video sources (satellite/cable box, VCR, DVD player1) in MPEG-4 format  

Easy navigation
- Through your home WiFi connection, you can enjoy the entire shared digital media library of your home PC in your living room, not just in your office.
- Easily navigate using the remote control with an integrated keyboard and mouse pointer  

- Download content wirelessly and directly to your ARCHOS TV+ via the ARCHOS Content Portal and our partners' online stores.
- You can also stream movies, TV shows and music that are stored on your computer. Your device is Internet ready2!
- With the optional Web browser plug-in, you can surf the Web and enjoy videos from online videos sites like DailyMotion and YouTube.  

Your movies, your videos
- Store and play your videos and recorded TV shows
- Play the most popular video formats: MPEG-43, WMV3, protected WMV3, MPEG-2**, VOB**, H. 264** (** with optional plug-ins)
- Use it as a multimedia Hard Drive to store up to 310 movies4  

Your photos
- Store and view up thousands of photos (JPEG, PNG and BMP formats)
- Transfer your photos from a PC or most mass storage devices via the USB 2.0 high speed interface
- Display slideshows with music and transition effect
- Manage your files and folders directly on the device  

Your music
- Store and listen to more than 100,000 songs4
- Play the most popular music files such as MP3, WAV, WMA and protected WMA, AAC* and AC3* (*with optional plug ins)
- Your music is automatically organized with the enhanced ARCLibrary
- View by artist, album, type of music, title and create your own playlists

Additional Information: Check-out the Archos TV+ features and specifications

February 8, 2008

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