Archos unveils generation 4 line of Large-Screen portable media players

Archos introduces its generation 4 line of portable media players. This line of products provide ultra portability with the Archos 404 and 404 Camcorder, extreme capacity in the 160GB 504, and the latest technologies with the 604 series. The 604 features a 30 GB hard drive to store a vast amount of photos and an extra sharp 4.3-inch large-screen display to display your photos or slideshows. The 604 is available today and a 604 version with integrated wireless and touch screen features will be available later this year...


All about the Archos Generation 4 line.

New Range Features 3.5- to 4.3-inch Screens, Video Playback in Full DVD Resolution, Support for All Standard Video Formats, TV Recording Capabilities, and 30GB to 160GB(a) of Storage Capacity

ARCHOS, Inc., a global consumer electronics manufacturer and inventor of the portable video player, introduced today its Generation 4 line of portable media players, which include some of the thinnest, lightest, lowest priced products on the market, yet hold up to 700 hours(1) of TV content for enjoyment anywhere. The five new ARCHOS products provide ultra portability with the ARCHOS 404 and 404 Camcorder, extreme capacity in the 160GB ARCHOS 504, and the latest technologies with the ARCHOS 604 and 604 Wi-Fi. The new products start at $299.99, can play all standard video formats(2) in full DVD resolution, feature a consistent design throughout, and offer TV recording with the new DVR Station accessory.

The Generation 4 line-up provides consumers with the most-requested features of a portable video player, as identified through independent analyst and ARCHOS research: 1) high quality screen, 2) large capacity, 3) portable size, and 4) low price. The Generation 4 line consists of large-screen players, starting at 3.5 inches. Capacity ranges from 30GB to 160GB, and the portable players start at $299.99. Consistent across the product line are sleek silver metallic casings, and a new graphical interface that make navigating through music, video, photos and documents a snap. All products feature large, bright screens with more than 16 million colors, right-side button configuration, and accessories such as TV recorders and travel adapters, making the devices easier and more intuitive than ever before.

"Our new Generation 4 line-up demonstrates the dramatic evolution of the portable video player from our invention of the device back in 2003, with products that are smaller, lighter and less expensive, but with significantly larger screens and storage capacity," said Henri Crohas, ARCHOS founder and chief executive officer. "With our new players, consumers can enjoy hundreds of hours of their favorite TV programs in DVD quality on a device only one half inch thick."

ARCHOS 404 and 604 Available Today

Announced separately today, the 30GB ARCHOS 404 and 604 products are available for pre-order today on the newly re-designed ARCHOS Web site, with additional products coming this fall. The new 404 and 604 offer extreme portability and are perfectly designed for watching video on the go. The ARCHOS 404 is one of the thinnest and most affordable portable video players on the market today at only .6 inches thick and a $299.99 price point. The ARCHOS 604 features an extra sharp 4.3-inch large-screen display, removable battery and kick-stand for easy viewing. ARCHOS is extending the 404 with an integrated camcorder, and the 604 with integrated wireless and touch screen features later this year.

Modular Accessories for Generation 4

In addition to the five new products, ARCHOS is announcing a complete line of accessories that work with all video players in the Generation 4 line. New accessories include the DVR Station for recording hundreds of hours of video onto the device directly from a TV or DVD player(3), and a new Docking Adapter for rapid charging and transferring of content to and from the device.

The new DVR Station enables any ARCHOS portable video player to schedule and record movies and TV programming directly from any home entertainment source--TV, DVD player(1), VCR, cable box or satellite receiver and to playback videos on a TV in DVD resolution and 5.1 surround sound. Previously an integrated part of the device, the new DVR Station as an add-on accessory enables ARCHOS to provide affordable portable media players for consumers based on their individual preferences and usage scenarios.

Other new accessories focus on the importance of keeping connected to your device while on the road. These include a DVR Travel Adapter for recording content from a TV or cable box when away from home. The Docking Adapter enables the transfer of content onto the ARCHOS player directly from digital cameras, storage drives or other media. A new A/V Cable allows for viewing content from the device onto a TV, while the Helmet Camcorder offers hands-free recording where hundreds of hours of

video can be captured and stored on the Generation 4 line of devices. Portable speakers, leather travel cases and other accessories allow for expanded entertainment options with the ARCHOS line.

Additional Information: All about the Archos Generation 4 line.

August 25, 2006

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