The Plawa AgfaPhoto DV-5000G multimedia camera

In 2007 AgfaPhoto decided to license to the plawa company the right for the manufacture and distribution of their digital video and single-lens reflex cameras. In the meantime they have produced a number of run-of-the-mill digital compact cameras under the Agfa label. The AgfaPhoto DV-5000G is their new entry in the multimedia camera category and has a CMOS sensor with 5 megapixel resolution and a 3" swivel LCD for.optimal display during filming, previewing and editing images. The picture automatically rotates into the best position...


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The handy all-rounder with an unbeatable variety of functions which increase the fun.

The AgfaPhoto DV-5000G has a CMOS sensor with 5 megapixel resolution (11 megapixel interpolated) to ensure high-res photos. The built-in 8x digital zoom enables the user to record subjects at a greater distance. The swivel 3" color display (240 ° / 90°) ensures an optimal display, whether during actual filming or when previewing and editing already captured shots. The picture display automatically rotates into the best position.

With 30 fps, the camera records jolt-free movies in AVI (MPEG 4) format with the D1 resolution of 720 x 480 pixel. Apart from the internal memory, movies and photos can be saved to an optional SD or SDHC memory card with up to 4 Gigabytes. A 4-Gigabyte memory card will provide over two hours of premium D1 film or around 1,700 photos with the poster-capable resolution of 3744 x 2808 pixel. And of course, the film stabilizer automatically compensates any natural shaking. A video lamp with flash function supports difficult lighting conditions.

The convenient MP3 player offers top-class Hi-Fi sound via stereo headphone output. MP3 files can be played back with up to 320 KB/s (greater than CD quality). When the brilliant display (960 x 480) is rotated, the DV-5000G becomes a games console with 20 video games to choose from and makes any time spent waiting more pleasurable.

Via the built-in USB port, the device can be connected to any normal computer, using the power supply from the USB bus to enable continuous operation. The DV-5000G can therefore be used as a full PC and webcam with VGA resolution (640 x 480) at 30 fps.

The supplied accessories ensure that the user has everything necessary to get up and running: pouch, AV and USB cable, hand strap, driver CD, headphones, high-performance rechargeable Li-Ion battery and the suitable charger.

Additional Information: Check-out Agfa's current line of digital still and video cameras

May 19, 2008

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