The Addonics Firewire Mini DigiDrive: fast transfer of data stored in flash memory

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The Addonics Firewire Mini DigiDrive™ is an ideal device for fast transferring of data stored in the popular flash memory media to and from your Mac or PC. It is a solid state drive without any moving parts and consumes so little power that all you need to operate the device is to plug into a Firewire port. The small size, light weight and the Firewire self powered feature make the Firewire Mini DigiDrive™ a handy Flash memory reader/writer for both Desktop and Notebook computer users.

Key Features

- Firewire or iLink connection
- Complete Plug and Play
- Transfer speed up to 400 Mbits/sec.
- Read and write to seven different popular digital media:
     Compact Flash-I, Compact Flash-II, Smart Media™, Memory Stick™
     Micro Drive™, Multimedia Card™, Secure Digital Card™
- Can read / write to and exchange data among two different media simultaneously
- Unique icon for each media type under My Computer folder
- Size small enough to fit in most jacket pocket
- No AC adapter needed. Power directly from Firewire port or USB port when connect to iLink

Additional Information: Full specifications

February 1, 2003

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