Voigtländer Heliar 75 mm / NEX adaptors

Voigtländer Heliar 75 mm and Sony Nex adaptors - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsOctober 19, 2010 - 09.50 GMT
Voigtländer has introduced the new Heliar 75 mm / F1,8 lens. This solid lens has a diameter of 57.9mm, a length of 73.8mm and brings 427 grams on the scales. The lens construction is made up of six elements in three groups and the filter size is 52mm.

Voigtländer has also introduced a series of adapters for the Sony E mounts (new NEX models) for their own VM mounts, the Nikon F mounts, the Pentax K mounts and the SC mount for Contax and old Nikons...More