Sanyo Dual Cameras

Sanyo begins shipping new dual cameras in the US - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsApril 3, 2009 - 08:15 GMT
Sanyo announces that shipping has started for their new 2009 Dual Camera Xacti lineup. The first cameras to be available are the VPC-FH1, VPC-WH1, VPC-TH1, and VPC-CG10. These all-HD dual cameras offer a variety of features including 1080p, 60 frames per second HD Video with 8 megapixel still images for the VPC-FH1, and 720p HD Video, up to 2 megapixel still images and 30x optical zoom for the VPC-TH1. You can shoot 10 megapixel photos with the VPC-CG10 or even take the VPC-WH1 underwater to a depth of 10 feet...More