Sigma DP2 digital camera

Sigma unveils the new Sigma DP2 digital camera - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsSeptember 24, 2008 - 08.00 GMT
Sigma announces the new Sigma DP2 compact digital camera featuring a 14 megapixel (2652 × 1768 × 3 layers) FOVEON X3 direct image sensor. This follow-on to the Sigma DP1 will co-exist with the DP1, and is equipped with a faster 24.2mm F2.8 lens (equivalent to 41mm on a 35mm SLR camera) rather than the 16.6mm F4 lens (equivalent to 28mm) on the DP1 model. Furthermore, the new Sigma DP2 incorporates "TRUE II" which is an improved version of  Sigma's first TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine)...More