Stereo photography

Stereo photography

Stereo photography - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news hot linksThis website, by Craig Goldwyn, documents a remarkable stereo photography technique from the 20th century, that enabled creation and viewing of stereo or 3D photos.

Many people will remember the View-Master which transported millions to beautiful and exotic places such as the redwood forests and the Taj Mahal.

The website features an antique stereo viewer cabinet, where you can view the first the first stereographs were made in the 1840s. You can see the stereo effects of stereo pairs if you have the necessary equipment.

In the website's Camera section you'll find than overview of the camera history, in the Viewer section you'll find the tools to display stereographs and in the Gallery section there is a handful of artists doing superb work in this medium.

Stereo photography has apparently lost its magic in the 21st century. Stereo or 3D digital cameras have not emerged in the consumer market. Regular film cameras are still available from Loreo Asia Ltd., but for the real digital die-hards, the only solution for creation of digital 3D images is to use techniques with dual digital cameras.