The Digital Photo Corner

The Digital Photo Corner

Arthur H. Bleich, owner and publisher of this website, is a passionate lover of photography, both as a documentary medium and as a fine art.

His credo: Photography is photography, and digitizing the image doesn't change the basic creative process. Like an artist working in different mediums such as water colors, oils, and others, you still have to know the basics of light, color, focus, depth of field, and all the other elements working together to produce a meaningful picture.

What digital imaging has done, is take away a certain drudgery that some of us used to dread long hours in the darkroom. It has freed up the creative possibilities that we always dreamed about but were never quite able to achieve. And it has also given us instant gratification that is, undeniably, exhilarating.

That's what the Digital PhotoCorner is about and Arthur hopes to drag you kicking and screaming (with delight, of course) into the new Photodigital Age.

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