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PhaseOne P45 digital camera
at a glance
2.2" lcd screen
compact flash
PhaseOne P45 review summary
camera date Nov 05  out of production
pixels / class 39M  Pro digital back
overall rating not rated overall camera rating  6 reviews
image quality not rated image quality rating  
ease of use not rated usability rating  
camera body not rated camera body rating  
digital features not rated digital features rating  
photogr. ctrls not rated photographic controls rating  
user profile user profile: digital photography professional
PhaseOne P45 specifications
lens / zoom  
focus / macro  
metering mode  
aperture  dynamic range 12 F-stops
white balance  
flash / mode  
iso ratings  50 / 100 / 200 / 400
image size  7216x5412, 16bits/color
image format  IIQ raw / tiff rgb / tiff cmyk / jpeg
image compr.  
lag/cycle times  
remote control  
video options  
audio options  
connectivity  ieee 1394
storage  compact flash (writing speed up to 20MB/s)
platform  Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X
extra features  imager size 49.1 x 36.8 mm
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Forum discussions
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PhaseOne P45 announcement clippings

Phase One's new P 45 boosts performance on medium/large format cameras. Not only the demand for higher resolution is honored, but also workflow efficiency, simplicity and storage security is opted in this new P-back. Phase One is renowned for delivering the best image quality and most efficient workflow in the world, allowing you to capture, adjust, prepare for print and archive perfect images in minutes. Lift up your studios profit - your clients will keep coming back and you will win new clients. Working with Phase One provides you with unlimited creative opportunities.

You will be able to improve your work constantly and discover new kinds of photography. The time you save on shooting and post production will allow you to expand your creative boundaries and rediscover your passion for photography. Together with the amazing image quality, you get from the high resolution files, this is what we call the Phase One Difference.

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