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Imacon Ixpress 528C digital camera
Ixpress 528C
at a glance
Imacon Ixpress 528C review summary
camera date Jun 04  out of production
pixels / class 22M  Pro digital back
overall rating not rated overall camera rating  no reviews
image quality not rated image quality rating  
ease of use not rated usability rating  
camera body not rated camera body rating  
digital features not rated digital features rating  
photogr. ctrls not rated photographic controls rating  
user profile user profile: digital photography not specified yet
Imacon Ixpress 528C specifications
lens / zoom  
focus / macro  
metering mode  
white balance  
shutter  max. 32s
flash / mode  
iso ratings  50 - 400
image size  4000x4000
image format  max. 16 bit/color RGB mode
image compr.  
lag/cycle times  
remote control  
video options  
audio options  
connectivity  ieee 1394
platform  PC Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP - Mac OS9, OSX
extra features  sensor area 36.9 x 49 mm
histogram display
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Imacon Ixpress 528C announcement clippings

Computer-free operation  
With battery power for up to 8 hours of constant shooting and storage for up to 1150 images, you are free to shoot anywhere.
The two-inch colour preview display provides image browsing and ultra-fast zooms.
For fast shooting, audio exposure feedback lets you know if your shots are over, under or perfectly exposed without requiring that you remove your eye from the viewfinder.

Fast and non-stop capture  
Full-resolution captures and previews are stored in the Image Bank every 2 seconds, in bursts of up to 1150 images, without requiring you to change storage media (such as compact flash cards, micro drives, etc.).
When you return to your studio, your computer shows an automatic contact sheet, with active image browsing and 100 images every 2.5 seconds.

Best single-shot images up to 132 MB  
Revolutionary DDC technology gives you less heat - more power, which gives you superb image quality taking full advantage of the true 16-bit colour depth and doubles the battery life.  

i-Adapter concept: One back fits all cameras    
The i-Adapter concept provides flexibility with an interchangeable adapter plate for each camera system.
Each i-Adapter fits to the camera back using just four screws. Most popular medium- and large-format camera bodies are supported, including both standard and auto-focus models.

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