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CreoScitex Leaf Aptus 75 digital camera
Leaf Aptus 75
at a glance
6726 x 5040
3.5" lcd touch screen
compact flash II
leaf rechargeable
CreoScitex Leaf Aptus 75 review summary
camera date Jun 06  out of production
pixels / class 33M  Pro digital back
overall rating not rated overall camera rating  1 reviews
image quality not rated image quality rating  
ease of use not rated usability rating  
camera body not rated camera body rating  
digital features not rated digital features rating  
photogr. ctrls not rated photographic controls rating  
user profile user profile: digital photography not specified yet
CreoScitex Leaf Aptus 75 specifications
lens / zoom  
focus / macro  
metering mode  
white balance  
flash / mode  
iso ratings  50, 100, 200, 400, 800
image size  6726 x 5040
image format  16 bits / color
image compr.  
lag/cycle times  
remote control  
video options  
audio options  
connectivity  firewire connection
storage  compact flash II
extra features  imager size 48 x 36 mm2
miscellaneous  Cameras supported:

Hasselblad: H1, H2 and V series

Mamiya: 645AFD, 645AFD II, RZ67, RZ67 Pro II, RB67

Contax: 645AF

Fuji: GX680

Bronica: SQA/ETRS

and view cameras
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22Aug06 Leaf Aptus 75 field report at Luminous-landscape
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CreoScitex Leaf Aptus 75 announcement clippings

The Leaf Aptus 75 camera back delivers stunning, state-of-the-art image quality. Leaf is about sensor technology that makes no compromises, and image quality that has no limits. The 33.3-MP sensor, with 7.2-micron pixel size, provides unmatched richness of detail and color, deep dynamic range, and striking highlights and shadows.
The spacious, 6x7-cm touch screen puts you in complete control, with easy access to the settings you need both before and during the shoot.
Leaf Aptus 75 is a camera back that increases your productivity while you concentrate on your images. With its manageable file sizes, you'll have no trouble processing, sending, and maintaining your files. Shoot how you like, where you like — the large choice of storage options, including the 30 GB Digital Magazine, gives you flexibility you've never had before. Only Leaf Aptus gives you this exceptional combination of quality, productivity, control, flexibility — and freedom to shoot your way.

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