My hats off

My hats off!

From: jaejae pasco

i love the arts and i love photography but i have never taken photography as seriously as i've taken painting and other graphic arts. i so wanted to develop my knack for photography and i have been clicking my 3rd digicam to date (Sony DSC-H7) for a year now. it's not a "high tec" cam and i have not reached the satisfaction i've always wanted in my shots. i've been thinking of upgrading to a better digicam... but discovering your website just this morning held me back to getting a new digicam! after spending a good deal reading and browsing while clicking away (and going in and out of the house!), i discovered some great things my digicam offers. a few minutes ago, i have experimented it for the first time after a year and finally found satisfaction with the results! i get better results with my photos now after a year of using my digicam!

thanks and more power!


Hi jaejae,

Thanks for your nice feedback. I'm glad to hear that you're happy again with your Sony H7. That's another step in the battle against the “throw-away society”.