Feature-selection tool

Feature-selection tool

From: Giampaolo Marinucci

Dear Sirs,
I greatly appreciate your site, that is my main entry-point to any kind of information concerning digital photography.
One thing would make it perfect, in my opinion: a digital camera feature-selection tool, allowing people to search all cameras in your database by means of a selectable set of features (e.g.: camera category, year of release, range of focal lengths, presence of image stabilisation, etc.).
Would it be possible to see such a tool implemented on your site?
Thanks anyway for your excellent job.

Hi Giampaolo,

The structure of our site does not allow for implemtation of such a feature, as our pages are build from an offline database. We do however provide some of this capability through the right menu of our camera section. Here you can select the Most recent cameras, Ultra compact models, SLR-like/SLR models, Wide angle cameras, and Ultra zoom cameras.

Thanks for your nice comments.