Sponsored actions?

Sponsored actions or quirks?

From: Reinder Mulder

I have been visiting your web-site frequently and I like it very much - lots of information!
I have been using the RSS-feed for a while now and I'm very satisfied with that too.

The last week I got the same 'news' over and over again - the one about new Leica wide lenses.
Is this a sponsored action or is the RSS-mechanism not flagging this news flash as being 'old news'?

Hi Reinder,

You can rest assured that we will never initiate unsolicited sponsor actions. We have a very restrictive policy regarding advertising & sponsoring, and on our website, only what you see is what you get!
We do sometimes update or correct a news item, and this activity can trigger the RSS-mechanism to flag the item as new again.  However the new item flag seems to be set occasionally by some quirks of the newsreader too.

Thanks for your nice comments!