Olympus viewfinders

Olympus Pen viewfinder

From: Robert Jeantet

Your article about the new OLympus camera states
    "The Olympus E-300 is the first SLR to abandon this concept..."

Technically and historically this is inaccurate. It may be the first DIGITAL SLR to abandon the concept, but nearly forty years ago or so (around 1967, if memory serves me correctly) Olympus introduced a 18x24mm "half-frame" SLR called the Olympus Pen, later updating it to include through-the- lens metering and renaming it the Pen FT. This camera had a porroprism which, unlike the pentaprism, allowed the camera to have a flat top. Olympus may well be using their old concepts in their newest cameras.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your feedback, and of course you're right re. the Olympus Pen and even other SLRs.  That's why we spoke of "abandon" the pentasprism concept and we've clarified that a bit more by changing the text to "the first modern SLR". Nevertheless your feedback is interesting and could be the bases for an article in the future...