No Nitpicking at all !!

We appreciate you're feedback on our imperfections...

From: Komei Harada

First of all, I would like to thank you for setting up such a great website.  I always use your website to check out the specs for each model, read your reviews, and follow links to other digicam review websites (it was amazing to see how quickly you update the links).  I set your Olympus C-7000 page as my browser's startup page and I was waiting for the reviews to come up.  Now that I read some good reviews, I just ordered one by following your link to an online store.
Another reason I'm emailing is that I noticed a typo in  The link "28Nov04 Olympus C-7000 review at DCResource" actually goes to  I didn't want to appear to be nitpicking but, considering you have thousands of web pages to maintain, I thought a user feedback wouldn't hurt.

Thank you again for your service.  I'm always telling my friends about your website.
Hi Komei,

Thanks for your praise and of course, we do appreciate your help in keeping the information in our website correct !