Apple Safari problem

Apple Safari page display problem

From: Frank Baldé

Hi DC Viewers,
congrats on (to my opinion) THE best digicam website there is, since it  collects the data from all the other sites, is updated on a daily  basis, etc.

However, I have one MAJOR complaint: As you well know, the Apple Mac is being used a lot in the Imaging industry, so please please fix the web content display bugs when using Apple's (excellent) Safari web browser.  A lot of your pages, like thge tutorial and links page are not  displayed correctly on my machine running OS X 10.3.2 using Safari 1.2

I think this is a major let-down, so please help.....


It  took a while to come up with a solution, as the problem appeared to be a bug in Safari 1.2.1.  We have however come up with a bypass for the problem, so you can enjoy our website again to its full length....