Olympus 3020 corrections

Olympus 3020 corrections

From: Bob Sikes

Love the site. It helped me select my first full featured digital still camera an Olympus C3020. Now that I have the camera, there were some errors in your report. You listed a couple of features on the camera which are in the C3000, but not the C3020 (wish I had those features, but still like the 3020 better) You mention video and audio connectivity and also list "remote 3 sec"

Here's a clip from the Olympus FAQ on the 3020

Q: What is the difference between the C-3020 Zoom and C-3000 Zoom?
* Does not include a video output feature.
* Does not support audio recording capability.
* Does not support remote control capability.
Great site. It's amazing how much information you centralize

You're absolutely right; we've corrected the data in our database
Thanks for your attentiveness!!