White on black or . . .

White on black or black on white

From: Dick Toohy                      

The option to select a personal page cover is a nice feature of your site.
However , I would prefer to have a cover that uses black on white rather than white on black.
Most photo sites seem to use white on black but I see many sites that use the reverse as well.  


One of the basic reasons for using white on black on our site is that  a black background is traditionally considered less distractive and thus the better option when looking at photos.
The paper used in regular Photo Albums is in most cases in a dark (grey) color.
See also the Use of background colors article at the Kodak site.

The biggest problem to support black on white is that much of the artwork  and many images on this site have been created for display on a black background. Displaying this artwork and those images on a white background would result in "stepped edges" also known as the "jaggies"