Your Side-by-Side test

Sony & Canon Side-by-Side

From: Ona Dixon

Thanks so much for your website.  I had been swinging back and forth between the Sony DSC-H1 and the Canon S2 and the "side by side" tipped the scales.  I had almost decided on the Sony because of it's larger LCD screen.  

It's really important to have access to a site like yours because so many rank amateurs and people with very limited 'disposable' incomes don't get stuck with less than what is available in each price range.

I've seen so many bad digital photos and so many problems the people I know have, that I'm not sure I want to make that big an investment in something I may not use.  The large zoom is what is causing me to choose a camera in the higher range.  I'm used to my little Chignon SLR point and shoot with an up to 135mm range and hate to settle for only 3X zoom.

Sorry, I guess this letter should have gone to the 'forum' but I did want to thank you for the website.
Hi Ona,
Thanks a lot for your feedback, it's nice to here that our efforts are  appreciated. By the way, you've found the right place for your letter, that's what the "Letter to the Editor" are for.!