Waterproof Canon?

Waterproof Canon?

From: Rudy Durrwachter

I thought your Canon PowerShot A80 owners would like to know how hardy their cameras are.

One week after my wife  gifted me the A80,  I handed it to my son at a trout stream so he could capture my holding a netted trout.  It slipped out of his hand and landed in two feet of water.  

With my net, we scooped it up and opened every opening.... blew into it.... blotted all over....set it in the sun to dry  out. All the rest of the day I carried it in my vest pocket with the lens frozen in extended position. Arriving home early evening, I put the batteries back in and---- hooray --- it worked!

That was over a year and a half ago and absolutely nothing has gone wrong with the camera since. After r computer training class on Mac OSX, half of 'em went out and got one.


Thanks for your letter, we'll pass the message on here...