Great site for amateurs

...a great site, and very nice for amateurs…

Dear Editor:
I must admit I am pretty selfish going to your site mainly to get the info I need, and not giving you the feedback you deserve!
But this is such a good site that I feel I should let others know. My experience is as follows: first,  I (an amateur who likes to take family, and travel pictures) was interested in getting a digital camera (3 megapixels and more). I went to your site a couple of years ago, and perused the category of interest. I tried to maximize the display to my screen, and succeeded in depth, but not in width (ie portrait, but not landscape). Second, it was easy to hunt for the cameras of interest, flipping back and forth between tutorials and camera descriptions,  and reviews, and occasionally using the search facility ( BTW when at sign-on, you should advertise this search facility). Third, when I found a few cameras of interest, I studied them: 1) I like your condensed features, on the upper left, as I want to quickly find out the dimensions and weight, and upper right, the image quality...I don't get the user profile from novice to pro...not intuitive. 2) Your site helped me pick the Minolta F100, although at the time you did not have the price comparison.  I bought the camera, thank you, after perusing the reviews which are quite accessible on your site, and although I have not quite learned to exploit the camera (as it is not always easy to move from the analog to the digital world of photography), I will make a promise to myself to come back to this site for additional learning and feedback. Thanks so much for the great work, the results, and your flexibility! This is a great site, and very nice for amateurs like me!
N.C. Hien
Thanks a lot for sharing your positive dcviews experience with us !!  Sebastian