Mobile camera phones

Mobile camera phones

From: Alexander Karasev

As more and more mobile phones are made available featuring digital cameras either built in or attached, I think there's currently a large void of information on which of those mobile phone cameras are better than others. Of course they are not as good as "proper" dedicated digital cameras - but they're always on hand (assuming your phone has one), allowing you to capture candid and unexpected shots that would otherwise be missed.

I think, therefore, that your present readership as well as a significant new population, would appreciate it if you published a comparison review of the mobile phone digital cameras (built in and accessory kind)….


We have already considered adding mobile phone cameras, but we have decided not to that. The reason is that the workload to keep up with the regular digital cameras is growing as more and more cameras get announced. Adding mobile phones would in the future double or triple our workload and we just cannot handle that.

There are already many mobile phone websites availble on the Internet.