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Your comments on our departure....

Yours has been one of the 2 sites I have visited most frequently over the past 7-8 years.  If you're tired of it why not sell it?  I would think it should be marketable.  It's a great concept and a great service.  It's tragic to just let it die.  I keep coming back just to see if you have reversed this horrible decision.  It's not too late!  
Ross Alford

It is only now that I notice your site is closing. Unbelievable, seen that I have been close to a daily visitor, except for these last two months. What a loss! You website was my portal to the world of digital photography. I did learn a lot from the great links / summaries / databases. Even more, this site was the place where everything important was available, at a glance and in details. Coming back from a vacation without internet access, I would always almost religiously revisit each week I missed. This site was so complete it could feed my passion for the subject, which tells a lot about the passion that was driving you as webmasters and contributors.
It is with a deep sadness that I see such an unfortunate event unfold. We are all losing a view of today's market, as well as what had become a wonderful historical perspective on the wonderful development of digital photography. Thank you so much for the dedication over the years. Be sure that I will follow you guys for sure in your next entreprise. I hope that you will have other projects that can ignite a passion similar to what we gratefully received for the past 10 years!

Your Web site is unique, as far as I can see. It will be a terrible loss.
Randy Brown, Senior Fellow, Elliott School of Communication

Like so many others, I will really miss your site.  It was my first photography site visited each day and most days the only one visited.  It was the most complete on all digital and photographic equipment, software and trends.  I know something like this takes a huge effort and it was appreciated by all us regular visitors.  I wish all associated with DCVIEWS the best in the future.  
Mike A., Brazos County, Texas

It is very sad news that this website is to cease. It is by far the most informative and comprehensive data base for camera reviews and information relative to photography. The user friendly lay out of the site is superb, and It's been an absolute pleasure to use this site usually on a daily basis, for the last several years.
Wishing you all the best., Andy J

Every morning for many years, after pouring a cup of coffee, my first stop was the "DCVIEWS" website.  I have many other photography websites in my "favorites" list but yours was always the first click.  Why?  Because your site had the most concise display of what was happening in the world of photography.  Other sites have home pages containing full paragraphs on news items and one had to scroll down for items of interest.  The home page for DCVIEWS had it all, right up front, where one could pick a subject of interest and then go to it. I'll miss having coffee with you. Thank you very much for your website.    

Dudes, seriously you can not be considering closing up shop.  There is nothing out there like your site !  I don't know if you could sell your site to someone who wouldn't subvert it to some commercial goal favoring some manufacturer, retailer, or magazine, but maybe you could find someone who could keep it going.  I can't believe you would shut it down, you must be able to keep it going !
Bruce Bodner

I am sorry to hear that DCviews website is closing soon. This is the web site I have been using for many year to enhance my photography skills as well to lean about the current happening in the digital market and new product evaluation(testing). This is the only comprehensive website  which covers most and also provide the instant external link for more information.
I take personally loss for me. We have to move on in our life. I hope this website  will come in future with new name. Again thank you for serving viewer like us and wish you good luck for the future.
Regards, Bharat Dalal

I'm going to miss this site; I visit it on a daily basis to see what's new in digital photography.  Some years ago I bought my Olympus C-5060 based on your review. Thank you for the service you've provided over the years.
Shahin Izadpanah

Thank you for 10 years of great service!
You have provided the most comprehensive information for a big variety of users and I always enjoyed visiting DCVIEWS very much.
All the best for the future.

Please do not stop: your website is the most interesting and useful!
Fabrizio rasi