Time lapse option

Some more sophisticated digicams on the market feature the possibility to capture a short video sequence of about 60 seconds. An extra feature on these cameras is that they sometimes allow you to take several still images at preset intervals to be shown as a moving video sequence.

This is called time-lapse photography although officially the term is used to denote taking moving pictures at any rate slower than the standard 24 frames per second currently used in the movie industry.

Security cameras often also work in this way. They take one image every 30 seconds or so to capture everything that takes place in a hotel lobby, or at a shopping mall.

Subjects that may be suited for this kind of photography would be the gradual opening up of a flower, a sunset or sunrise, or passing clouds along the sky.

For time-lapse photography the camera will have to be put on a tripod. Determine beforehand how long the sequence you want to capture will last and set a suitable interval time on the camera.

This might take some experimenting, as in the case of the opening flower for instance, trial and error will teach you the exact interval for a fascinating sequence. A trick sometimes used is to capture the closure of a flower and play the sequence backwards. The effect is virtually the same, but easier to capture on film.