Storage media - Cheap solutions

Since digital cameras do not use films to “store” images on, some other form of storage device will be needed. Most cameras use a memory card of some sort but these can only hold so many images. Although most digital photographers will have a couple of cards - especially if high resolution images are needed - when they are full it would be handy to be able to download images from the camera and store them elsewhere.

If purchasing a digital wallet is beyond your financial means, or if you only need extra storage space occasionally, you could try using an old laptop or notebook computer. Since they are portable they can easily be taken with you everywhere you go.

Most of them have a PCMCIA slot, so it should be possible to transfer images through a PCMCIA card adapter from your memory card to a laptop.

It is a good idea to copy images from you camera to the laptop at the end of each day.

Not only will you have the full capacity of your memory cards at your diposal the following day, it will also serve as an added safety measure in case your camera gets stolen or your card is lost or damaged. Remember your digital files are like negatives which cannot be replaced, so it is better to be safe than sorry.