Storage media - Digital wallets

When taking a digital camera with you on holiday you need plenty of memory cards. By determining beforehand at what resolution and compression you are planning to take images, you can calculate how many cards you will probably need.

A possible storage solution would be to take a laptop computer and transfer images to your hard disc at the end of the day. An alternative would be a small device called a “digital wallet”. These little gadgets have one or more memory card slots, USB connection and a hard drive with sometimes up to 80Gb of storage, which should be enough for storing thousands of images. These clever devices support a wide variety of formats such as CompactFlash type I and II, MMC/SD or PC-cards. They can be connected to your personal computer when you get home to transfer your holiday memories.

Some have developed into true media players, which allow reviewing of images or presenting them as slide shows on TV, while holding your MP3 music files and other data as well. They are convenient to use and while prices are coming down slowly, expect to pay the price of a medium class digicam, depending on the options available.