Printing alternatives - TV or beamer show

Images taken with digital cameras can be printed on photographic paper, put into digital photo albums or displayed on the Internet. Most camera manufacturers however will supply you with cables to connect your digital camera to your television as well, so that images can be shown directly on your TV screen. This makes viewing them much easier and convenient than looking at them on the little LCD screen on the back.

Taking this one step further you can imagine the possibilities of producing some sort of digital slide show to be presented on TV straight from your digicam. It is also possible to make this into an even more professional presentation by adding music or text to be played in synch with your photo presentation.

Your family or friends would be able to experience your holiday adventures accompanied by real sound, which should keep their attention much longer than conventional slide shows where everyone had to sit in the dark for hours on end, making normal conversation almost impossible. Viewing times per image can be set at predetermined intervals.

On a more professional level you can imagine business executives enhancing their presentations with images taken on digital cameras and incorporating them in programmes such as Microsoft's Powerpoint, to be shown on a full screen beamer to an audience of potential customers or clients.