Printers & printing - Print services

When you regularly make prints on your ink jet printer you will quickly discover that ink will run out sooner than you think and photo quality paper is much more expensive than office paper. There are alternatives however.

Just like in the old days, when you took your conventional film to a print service nearby, there are several shops or stores that offer digital print services.

You just take along your memory card, CD or diskette with images and have them printed on photo quality paper at reasonable cost. In fact this service is only marginally more expensive than having 35mm or APS pictures printed.

An alternative would be to send your images to one of several digital print services through the Internet. After downloading a small program on your computer, your images are uploaded straight from your hard disc to the digital print service of your choice.

They will process the order for you and your images can be collected at selected stores or sent to you through the mail.

This service is ideal if you want to have good quality prints made of your manipulated images or would like to have total control over how your images look. No more hassle with wasted paper and ink, and definitely cheaper in the long run.