Lenses & optics - Protection & cleaning

If properly cared for, a digital camera is quite a tough instrument. Check it periodically and only clean it when absolutely necessary as there is always the possibility that camera or lens might be damaged during cleaning.

The only tools you will need are, a lintfree cloth (or failing this, a repeatedly washed T-shirt or handkerchief), a sable artist’s brush and a rubber squeeze bulb. Never use agressive cleaning agents as they might damage the plastic parts on your camera.

Most of your cleaning should be on the camera's exterior. Use the cloth to clean the camera's body and the brush to flick off dust on the outer lens element. The rubber squeeze bulb can be used to clean the memory or battery compartments. Fingerprints should be removed immediately by gently rubbing with a lintfree cloth.

Always put a UV filter on the lens for permanent protection. Take special care when cleaning the lens as the coating on the front element is easily damaged. Special cleaning agents are available for lenses, but if you keep them covered when not in use you won't ever need them. It is a good idea anyway to invest in a comfortable gadget bag for your camera and lenses. Do not expose your camera to  high temperatures and always protect it from water, especially salt water, dust and sand. When taking pictures in these conditions, keep it in a plastic bag between exposures.