Image sensors - Protection & cleaning

The LCD screen is one of the most convenient features of digicams. However, since it is openly exposed at the back of the camera, it is rather vulnerable to fingerprints and can easily become tarnished or scratched.

Cleaning it should be done with a soft cotton cloth. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you will damage the sensitive LCD permanently.

Over time and due to intense use the LCD can pick up scratches or streaks, although in most cases it is not the actual LCD screen that is affected but the plastic cover which protects it from external influences. It is possible to “polish up” the cover of the LCD by using a purpose made polishing paste which comes in small tubes and can be bought from mobile phone stores or watch makers. Tooth paste however will do the same thing as this is in fact a fine polishing paste as well.

Apply some paste to the display and polish the scratched area with a soft cotton cloth for a few minutes. Remove excess paste afterwards. The process may have to be repeated several times for deeper scratches. However this method will only work for LCDs that have a shiny plastic protective cover. Cameras with matt displays such as Canon's Powershot series or some Sony models can't be “repaired” in this way. If in doubt check with the manufacturer first.