File formats - DPOF / EXIF

DPOF (Digital Print Order format) is a format which allows the user of a digicam to define which captured images on the storage card are to be printed, together with information on the number of copies or other image information.

It usually consists of a set of text files in a special directory on the storage card. This option can be assessed through one of the menu modes on the camera. The storage card can then be taken to a print shop or output through compatible desktop printers at home.

The EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) format is used by nearly all digital cameras to store extended camera information. It contains information about the time and date that an image was taken, together with exposure information such as ISO-speed, shutter time and aperture used. When an image is compressed by EXIF it stores the information in the header of each JPEG file. This means that any program that supports JPEG files, which includes all web browsers and image editing applications can read the information. The EXIF format uses sRGB as the default color space.