Abbreviations - N -S

Nickel-Metal Hydride, a rechargeable battery. NiMH is the more modern type of rechargeable battery with no memory effect when they are charged before having been fully discharged. NiMH also called NiHy.
Image file format. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. It is a compressed file format similar to JPG.
QuickTime - A motion video standard created by Apple. It is a highly flexible format which may contain video, audio and even single photographs. Data are stored as MOV files. See the Apple website for an elaborate explanation of QuickTime
Range finder cameras - The viewfinder on these cameras is a separate viewing device that is independent of the lens.
Red, Green and Blue - the primary colors from which all colors are derived. They form the additive color system, when combined in equal quantities they form white.
Single Lens Reflex camera – The camera’s lens is used for composing the frame and capturing the image to memory. A mirror system lets you view the image through the lens. The other type is "RF".
SmartMedia’s non-volatile flash memory card. There are two types available. Older cameras need a 5 volts SM card whereas newer digicams will use the 3.3 volts type. check here: Flash Memory Cards/Readers
Single Use Camera – cheap alternative if you have no digicam available. Just return the camera and collect your prints later.