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The most common type of image file format used in digicams. It is a lossy type of storage because in compressing images it loses image information. Several compression levels can be chosen.
Liquid Crystal Display. The two main types are (1) a high-resolution color display for reviewing images such as found on many digicams. (2) a monochrome information display as found on small electronic devices such as watches.
Lithium batteries are lighter and more costly than NiMH or NiCd although they can be charged more rapidly.
A non-lossy compression scheme (by Lempel, Ziv and Welch). Generally LZW can compress an image down to a ratio of 2:1.
Megapixel - CCD resolution of one million pixels. A digicam with an image resolution of 1280x960 pixels or more is called a megapixel camera.
Apple QuickTime MOVie file. Also see “Top Tutors” / File Formats / Video Formats.
Motion JPEG movie file. MPEG1 was the original format used in CDRoms and VideoCDs. MPEG2 is now the standard for DVD movies. Also see “Top Tutors” / File Formats / Video Formats.
Raw image data file format as used by the Nikon D1 pro digicam.
Nickel Cadmium (aka Nicad), a type of rechargeable battery. Nicad was the original type of rechargeable battery.