Abbreviations - D - I

Depth of Field denotes the range of image in sharp focus as controlled by the aperture value chosen. Large apertures yield shallow, small apertures yield large DOF.
Dots Per Inch – A measurement value used to either describe the resolution of a monitor or the resolution of a printer.
Digital Print Order Format - allows you to include printing information on your memory card. Select which pictures are to be printed and how many prints you would like. Some photo printers and most commercial photo finishers use it.
Exposure Value refers to the amount of light for a given exposure. It is a single number, used to calculate the shutter speed and aperture at a given ISO speed
Refers to the format that a digital camera stores in JPG file headers. It contains information about most camera settings at the time the image was captured.
A numerical designation that indicates the size of the aperture. Smaller numbers like f2.8 denote a large opening while a large number such as f16 denotes a small lens opening.
Graphic Interchange file Format mainly used for (animated) web graphics. Not suitable for photo quality (maximum 256 colors).
International Standards Organisation - The speed or light-sensitivity of a camera’s CCD (or conventional film for that matter) is rated in ISO numbers such as 100, 200, 400, etc. Higher numbers, higher sensitivity to light.