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Adobe PhotoShop Elements

Click here to order at our affiliate  Amazon.comAdobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 combines powerful photo-editing functionality with intuitive organizing and sharing capabilities. Make quick fixes when you need to or use advanced editing options when you want more control. Organize your photos the way you want and show off your creativity with new dynamic slide shows, themed photo e-mail, and more:
Perform advanced editing
Perfect your photos with advanced editing options that give you more control and learn in-depth techniques from how-to guides.
Brush away flaws
Easily brush away wrinkles and unwanted objects. Use the Spot Healing Brush for instant results and the Healing Brush for finer control.

Other Highlights:
* Instantly fix common flaws
* Get high quality with raw data and 16-bit support
* See all your photos in one place and organize them
* Create dynamic slide shows
* Send themed photo e-mail
* Flexible printing options
* Show your photos virtually anywhere