Toshiba launches GigaShot hard disk camcorders

Toshiba gigashot GSC-R30 and R60

Toshiba launches GigaShot hard disk camcorders - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsFebruary 8, 2006 - 10.30 GMT
Toshiba is getting back in the digital imaging scene as quietly as they left it. Last September, the gigashot V10, a 5Mp, 5x optical zoom camcorder with 4GB of hard disk storage, was announced for the Japanese market. At the last CES show, Toshiba took this development a step further with the announcement of the gigashot GSC-R30 and GSC-R60. These latest camcorders however, feature Toshiba's 1.8 inch hard drive, whereas the V10 featured the company's 0.85 inch microdrive...More