It's quiet in the Toshiba digital cameras arena

The Toshiba digital camera strategy ?

It's quiet in the Toshiba digital cameras arena - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news news29 July, 2004 - 9.00 GMT
As you may have noticed, we have not seen (m)any digital camera announcements by Toshiba lately. As an active player in the digital camera arena, Toshiba used to announce a new model or series at least every two or three months. The Toshiba PDR-5300 is the last announcement that we've seen in the US and Europe in October of last year. The last Toshiba announcement in Japan has been nearly a year ago. So what's going on? Is Toshiba quietly getting out of the digital camera business or is this the still before the storm.
Update Nov 9: Steve Sanders has received confirmation that Toshiba has left the digital camera business...More