Veo to ship new digital camera for creative minds

The fun Veo Puzzle Capture 100

Veo to ship new digital camera for creative minds - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news news

Click here to read more on the Veo Puzzle Capture 100July. 29, 2002
Veo announced the Puzzle Capture 100 digital camera. This camera combines the ease of use of an entry-level camera with the ability to create custom jigsaw puzzles from digital pictures.

"The Veo Puzzle Capture 100 is a creative and innovative way to share digital pictures with friends and family," said Patrick Lin, President and CEO of Veo. "The new camera lets people display digital puzzle pieces in a virtual picture gallery, and easily e-mail them to friends and family."

The first time someone receives a Veo puzzle picture, a light version of the software application automatically allows them to put the puzzle picture together, transform any digital pictures they have into their own puzzle pictures, and pass them along to others via e-mail. With the new Veo product, people can now share digital pictures in a way that has never been done before.

The Veo Puzzle Capture 100 includes:

24-picture storage capacity  
Auto exposure, white balance and color control
Ability to easily create and e-mail puzzle pictures