Sinar announces the eMotion 75 LV (Live View)

The Sinar eMotion 75 LV

Sinar announces the eMotion 75 LV (Live View) - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsJune 1, 2007 - 11.45 GMT
Sinar further expands the line of Sinarback eMotion backs with the Sinarback eMotion 75 LV. This latest LV model provides a Live image Viewfinder as an additional feature. Sinar will also introduce the new eMotion 54 LV model. The LiveView option will not be available for the eMotion 22 digital back. For owners that do feel left out (and all others), an upgrade (hardware + firmware) is available to promote their eMotion 22 to an eMotion 54 LV model. For owners of an eMotion 75 an upgrade to the eMotion 75 LV will be available...More