Casio EWC-10 snorkel housing for EX-Z75 & Z65

Casio EWC-10 snorkel housing

Casio EWC-10 snorkel housing for EX-Z75 & Z65 - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsApril 3, 2007 - 09.20 GMT
Casio announces the EWC-10 snorkel housing for the EX-Z75 and the EX-Z65 digital cameras. Snorklers can now take their EXILIM down to a depth of three meters. The housing is also the perfect companion on the beach, as it keeps sand away from the camera. Operation of the camera remains pretty easy, as the individual control keys can be found on the housing. Please note that the EWC-10 allows for "snorkeling" in depths up to 3 meters, whereas Casio's other housings in the EWC-Series allow for "diving" up to 40 meters...More