Voigtländer introduces first digicam: X-1 digital

Voigtländer X-1 digital

Voigtländer X-1 digitalVoigtländer, famous camera pioneer, makes a modest entry in the digital camera market. The telescope & optical equipment company, founded by Johann Voigtländer in Vienna, created in 1841 the first camera fitted with an efficient lens unit. The original Voigtländer company closed in 1994.
The X-1 digital main characteristics are:
- CCD: 1/2.7" 2.11 Mp, LCD: 1.5 inch color TFT
- Lens: 3x optical zoom, range 0.25m - ∞
- Storage: SD / MMC Memory cards
- Powered by a CR-V3 lithium and 2 AA batteries