Voigtlaender announces the 4 Mp Virtus D4

The Voigtlaender Virtus D4

Voigtlaender announces the 4 Mp Virtus D4 - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsAugust 23,2004 -10.15 GMT
Voigtlaender Germany is continuing its small steps into the digital camera arena. The Virtus D4 follows Voigtlaender's tradition to start camera names with "Vi", like my mini Voigtlaender Vitoret 110 EL, bought some 20 years ago, as a poor man's substitute for the famous Minox spy cameras. The new Virtus D4 is not that small, but is still very compact as it measures only 88,5x 54,5x 24mm. The cameras comes with a 4,2 megapixels CCD and a spacious 2 inch LCD...More