Canon unveils five digital cameras & accessories

Canon unveils five digital cameras

Canon unveils five digital camerasAugust 20,2004 -10.00 GMT
Sticking to its tradition of teasing us with early publication and withdrawal of news on the Web, Canon today announces five new digital cameras, including the much rumored new SLR:

PowerShot A4003.2 megapixel2.2x optical zoom
PowerShot A955.0 megapixel3.2x optical zoom
PowerShot S707.1 megapixel3.6x optical zoom
PowerShot G67.1 megapixel4x optical zoom
EOS 20D SLR8.2 megapixelwith 3 new lenses
Canon expands its line of digital camera accessories with its new flagship: the Speedlite 580EX flash