Fujifilm releases more details on 20Mp digital back

Fujifilm's new 20Mp digital back

Click for info and images of the 20MP Fujifilm digital back March 6, 2003
Update FujiFilm Japan will show an experimental model of their new digital camera back at the International Pro Photograph Fair 2003 in Japan. The digital back uses a new superCCD with 20,800,000 pixels. Main characteristics compared with the Luma II:

  Fujifilm Luma II Fujifilm Luma ??
CCD Format 36 mm x 24 mm 37 mm x 52 mm
Effective pixels 10,700,000 20,800,000
Image resolution 4,008 x 2,672 5408 x 7648
Capture rate 2.5 seconds 1.5 seconds
ISO range progr. 25-200 100,200 and 400