Nikon releases new Nikon View version 5.1.3

Nikon releases Nikon View 5.1.3

Nikon releases new Nikon View version 5.1.3 - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsSeptember 30, 2002
Nikon View release 5.1.3 delivers these additions & improvements (over 5.1.2)
- File attributes verification with Viewer Options for folder manipulations have been added
- A Color Management tab is added to the dialogs
- Automatic thumbnail creation for all images
- Quick Review operation for RAW data is changed.
- The shortcut for “Add to Favorites…” is changed
- The problem which rotated JPEG images is corrected
- Lens Type is displayed in photo information (D100)
- A color profile can be included (D series only)