Toshiba Japan announces new T30 and 2300

The Toshiba T30 and 2300

Toshiba Japan announces new T30 and 2300 - Digital cameras, digital camera reviews, photography views and news newsSeptember 17, 2002
As we mentioned in our 8/31 news Toshiba Japan announces the Sora T30 & Allegretto 2300. The latter, known to us as PDR-2300, is a 2.1 Mp version of the recently announced PDR-3300.
The Sora T30, better known as PDR-T30 is the 3.2 Mp version of the PDR-T20. The sleek camera features the same user-friendly touchscreen LCD to guide you through various shooting and playback modes by simply by tapping icons on the LCD with a stylus...