Sharp digital cameras VE-CG30U & VE-CG40U

The new Sharp VE-CG30U / VE-CG40U

Click here to read the press release on the new Sharp digital still cameras VE-CG30U and  VE-CG40UAugust 22,2002
Sharp enters the digital still camera arena with 2 digital cameras featuring Sharp's CG Silicon™ LCD technology. The 1.5 inch high resolution color LCD screen and viewfinder will ensure a crisp preview to properly frame a photo. The VE-CG30U features a 3.3 Mp, the VE-CG40U a 4.2 Mp CCD. Both models feature full manual and automatic options, have 3x optical / 3x digital zoom, USB, white balance control, image effects, and 16 MB SD card...More